I'm an Albuquerque Buyer's Broker. That means I work with home buyers to help them find their perfect home. It doesn't matter to me if a house is listed for sale with eXp Realty, Coldwell Banker, Century 21, Allstar Realty or any other real estate company in Albuquerque. I show them all!

My approach to selling Albuquerque Real Estate is different than other real estate agents. You see, the way that many Realtors like to work is as seller's broker or listing agent. They want to work from 9 to 5 (actually more like 10 to 3 with a long lunch in between) and they only want to show their own listings. Some of them don't even want to do that and would rather just put a sign in the yard of a listing and sit back and wait for the house to sell and for the money to roll in.

Not me, I love to meet new people, I love to show them houses and help them find their perfect home. That's why I love being a buyer's broker! Do you want to know the best part of it all? If you are one of my buyer clients my expert guidance is free! (My commission is paid out of  the listing agent's commission).

As an Albuquerque real estate agent, I work both with home buyers and home sellers.   When I'm working with a home seller I'm called the listing agent, I put the sign in the yard and I put the property on the MLS and I market it, always trying to see how much I can get for that house for my seller client.

It's a lot different when I work as a buyer's broker. I'm kind of like a real estate personal home shopper. I'll take buyers from one house listed with Coldwell Banker to another one listed with Keller Williams and another one with RE/MAX, Century 21, always trying to help them decide what is the best property for them, what's going to best suit their family or their lifestyle. Then once they find that home I negotiate on their behalf to get the best deal possible.

Imagine if you would the next time you need to buy  a car you could take a personal shopper with you from auto lot number one to car lot number two to car lot number three advising you on makes and models and which ones are best for you, and then once you find it negotiating with that pushy sales manager on the car lot.

That would be awesome wouldn't it? I wish I could find somebody like that!

Well that's what I do as a buyer's broker and I love this part of my real estate job because number one house shopping should be fun and number  two, I really take great pleasure in helping my buyers find the best possible property.

If you're out there looking for a new home, I would love it if you call me. Let me put my buyer broker skills to work for you.

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