Sivage Thomas Homes in Northwest Albuquerque

Sivage Thomas Two Story Home

One of the more popular home builders in NW Albuquerque is Sivage Thomas. Sivage Thomas built homes in northwest Albuquerque form the early 1990's until 2003 when they were bought out by Pulte homes.

One of two popular brick home builders in the area, the other is Opel Jenkins. Some subdivisions are exclusively one or the other; in some neighborhoods there are a mixture of both builders.

Both builders are well respected and the owners of the homes have been pleased with the homes they have bought.

If you are unsure which builder may have built the brick home in NW Albuquerque that you are interested in, one quick way to tell is by the windows. Sivage Thomas homes typically feature square or rectangular windows whereas Opel Jenkins homes almost always have arched windows on the front.

Another way to distinguish a Sivage home from an Opel is found in the kitchens. Opel Jenkins used distinctive oak cabinetry with large brass handles, usually with crown molding.

Opel Jenkins Home in NW Albuquerque

The color of brick used to build both homes varied, but if you see a home with an unusual color of brick, it very well may be an Opel Jenkins. And, if the home is two stories and it's all brick, it's probably Opel. Frequently, Sivage Thomas used siding or stucco on the second stories of their two story homes.

Both builders built elegant homes with great floorplans. The neighborhoods they built in have held up well over time. One of the reasons is pride of ownership.

Frequently, when I'm holding one of these homes open, neighbors who are looking for a larger house or looking to downsize will come by and rave about their quality of the home the currently own. They'll tell me they are determined to buy only an Opel Jenkins or only a Sivage Thomas home. More than anything else, I think this speaks to the quality of their homes (conversely, no one has ever told me they want another KB home or another Longford home).

Michael Sivage renterred our market in 2006 building homes as Sivage Homes. They are currently building in Rio Rancho.