Swimming Pool Homes in Albuquerque

Need to cool off? Search for Albuquerque homes with swimming pools here! There are not as many homes with swimming pools as you might think in Albuquerque, but there are some.

If you can't find the home you want that already has a swimming pool, you may want to consider looking for a home near one of the many public swimming pools in town. Or maybe you can find a house on a large lot where you can add a pool. 

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For easier searching, pool homes are now sorted by price range. Use the links below or in the sidebar to find homes in the price range you are interested in.

The average sales price of single-family pool home was $345,000 last month, 50% higher than the average home at $229,000, but you might be surprised, there are more affordable options out there too. 

Pool homes for sale between 100K and 200K Pool homes for sale between 200K and 300K

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Maybe you'd prefer to search for pool homes by zip code. Here are a few of Albuquerque's more popular areas: 


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